What does it mean to be healthy? try these

What does it mean to be healthy?

What are the recommendations for a good quality of life?

When do we say that a state is normal?

Who defines the concept of normality?


The human being is not a machine that is arranged by changing parts or adjusting functions. It has consciousness, feels, thinks and perceives emotions, and this introduces variables that go beyond what can be measured or objectified.

When the human being perceives physical, emotional or psychic discomfort, he says that he is “sick” and consult the doctor, hoping to find the balance again.

Not only does he seek to cure his illness or malaise, he also needs to find the necessary resources to avoid the imbalance again.

The signs (swelling, flushing, spots, etc.) and symptoms (fever, asthenia, diarrhea, etc.) are the alarm expression that the body has to indicate that something is happening and that the balance needs to be corrected.

Each organ (liver, kidney, ovaries) and every function (breathing, digestion, circulation) of our body can be understood and treated in a global context that is the HUMAN BEING in which there are also emotions, feelings and thoughts (adding, also, its belief system, which has been shaped by the social, historical and cultural environment in which that person has developed.

Therefore it is extremely important to be able to find together with the health care professionals the necessary resources to live fully and in balance.

A good diet of the body and soul, healthy exercises for the physical and the brain and the condiment of a full sexuality are the necessary ingredients for a good LIFE QUALITY.

And, as I usually recommend¬† laughing, dancing and playing are the best “vaccines” to prevent diseases.

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