Top destinations to travel!

If you are thinking of giving yourself the great trip of your life, consider this list of places prepared to welcome you with open arms.


Bangkok (Thailand)
The energy that transmits Bangkok and the chaos that reigns (with no apparent danger to anyone) will put the batteries to you at once. It’s time to try their delicious cuisine and relax. Discover temples, listen to yourself without haste and take your time to take a boat tour of its watercourses. The prices are very affordable and the accommodation quite cheap. If you want to meet other travelers, book in the area of Khao San Road, a backpackers paradise, bars with many happy hours and hostels at a great price. You will discover why Bangkok is a city famous for making friends.


Dublin (Ireland)
Founded by the Vikings, something must remain of its irreverent and reckless spirit because Dublin has become one of the best destinations of the moment to have a great time and enjoy all the urban pleasures. You just have to check it out in Temple Street, a space full of pubs where taking a pint is almost synonymous with making friends. If you also want to strengthen your cultural side, the offer of Museums will surprise you for its quality. Do not miss the National Gallery of Ireland, the Irish Museum of Modern Art, an old hospital and the excellent Hugh Lane Gallery. If you are a Guinness lover, you can not miss the Guinnes Storehouse, a theme park space for the very initiated. If your own is the literature, you will enjoy walking in the footsteps of Oscar Wilde or George Bernard Shaw. UNESCO has awarded Dublin the title of literary city. Buy yourself a good book and let life pass.


New York, (USA)
Logically the Big Apple is the perfect stage for you to star in your movie alone and casting as your many temptations cross your path. You have an advantage: almost everything will sound, you’ve seen it in series and movies, so you will not feel so lost or so overwhelmed. If in spite of all your body you ask for calm, take a long walk in Central Park, walk the West Village, and leave the neck trying to arrive with the view to the top floor of the Empire State. Eat a pizza on the street, honor Ground Zero and visit the Statue of Liberty. Admira the latest collections of the big firms and find out which is the best out let of the moment to hunt the bargains. You will not have a minute to get bored.


Hong Kong (China)
Get yourself a good pair of interesting books for the trip and enjoy the landing. Hong Kong Bay is spectacular at any time of the day. Down below is a human anthill with which in many cases you will have to understand by signs. Each one goes to his roll and nobody will miss him to travel alone. To get an idea of ​​the whole, start by visiting Victoria Peak (you will do the best selfies of the trip) and you will be able to appreciate at a glance the beauty of the enclave. You will see that there are more islands than you imagined: in total there are 260 that compose the archipelago. Therefore, it is best to reserve a seat on one of the sailboats that cross the bay and enjoy the exquisite and unknown seafood that will be offered in many of its stops. Then you can take the mythical ferry and travel to Kowloon and its night markets. Do not miss the Temple Street and if you look forward to letting you throw the cards. Usually right. Do not forget to take a cocktail at the Peninsula Hotel, who knows who you can meet, and of course enjoy their fantastic gastronomy, also the street food, at least you will be surprised.


Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
The city, famous for its canals, colorful houses, avant-garde culture and coffee shops, is perfect to discover in your own air, giving free rein to your desires. Rent a bike and join the landscape. It is imperative to visit the Van Gogh Museum, take a photo of it in the red light district and rest among the tranquil canals of Vondelpark, a gentle and trendy neighborhood where organic food reigns. You can also take advantage of the good weather to get to the great artificial beach of the island of Jburg, they also have a snack bar.


Melbourne (Australia)
The beauty of the natural bay,  it is a perfect city to discover your air, letting yourself be carried away by what the moment offers and keeping the clock on the bedside table of the hotel – not worth looking at the mobile phone – At dinner time, come to Lentil as Anything, a restaurant which will charge you according to your service values and that has become a whole conceptual movement. In addition, it is the ideal place to make friends and change impressions with the parish.


Sevilla (Spain)
Seville has a special color, a penetrating smell of jasmine and orange blossom and a lot of flamenco art to keep your mouth open before a zapateao. To compensate for the balance, let the Guadalquivir curl your hair and take a walk on the terraces of the Alameda to know its more hipster side. Do not miss the pringá croquettes of the Bar Las Columnas, and do not forget the camera to do a sunset round the Barrio de Santa Cruz. If you like bullfighting art, stay at the legendary Hotel Alfonso XIII and let the atmosphere fill you with stories. You can have something at the bar and continue on your way to the Torre del Oro or the much visited Giralda. To finish visit La Carbonería, you will come clapping your hands.


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