Top comedy movies !

Comedy movies can be very different from each other. The goal is to get the viewer to relax and have fun as much as possible. The characters usually get into a carefree mess with a happy ending, going through all kinds of crazy and funny situations.

While humor is something subjective, there are comedies for all types of people. For this reason, in this report, we will review several of the best comedy movies .


Something about Mary (1998)


The film that propelled Ben Stiller’s film career was one of the funniest romantic comedies of the 90’s. ‘Something goes with Mary’ tells the story of a young student (Ted) who, after a big problem with the zipper of his pants, annoys his appointment with Mary on the day of his graduation. Thirteen years later, and still in love with her, Ted hires a private detective to find Mary without predicting that he would fall in love with her as well. His eschatological and politically incorrect jokes make this work of the Farrelly brothers a hilarious comedy.


Ali G walks loose (2002)

The first character of Sacha Baron Cohen to receive a film of his own is probably his most famous character. Ali G, a chungo from the west, must save the community center of its neighborhood entering the English political life, arriving to enter the cabinet of British government. Characterized by his simple and casual humor, many of his scenes are already part of the popular culture among the youngest. Anyone looking for a great laugh movie with a good script should not pay too much attention to it, but what is certain is that ‘Ali G walks loose’ is guaranteed the laughter of its spectators.


Infiltrated in class (2012)

Far from being the typical Hollywood comedy, ‘Infiltrated in Class’ is a film that laughs at itself and its aspect of “generic comedy.” The plot is quite simple, two completely different police officers should end up with a drug trafficking plot. The fact is, that here they are not professional detectives, nor the bad ones are a mafia organization. The protagonists are the worst policemen in the body, and must infiltrate their old school to end a new drug that circulates among students.


Supersalidos (2007)

When you were young, getting alcohol for a party seemed quite a challenge. For the characters of this film is something more, it is a true odyssey. Whether it’s with a fake name card (like McLovin), or sneaking into a party and dancing with the host’s girlfriend to steal his drink, the film’s goal is to get something to drink at any price to please a high school girl and not arrive virgin to the university. His simple argument leaves room for great comedy moments, both with the two cops most revelers of the body as trying to buy in a liquor store being underage. It may not be one of the best comedy movies out there, but of course the laughs are insured.


Bad moms 2016

Let’s meet Amy, a young woman who has a good husband, children that every mother would want, a beautiful house and a successful career. But as nothing is rosy, Amy is overworked, exhausted and may explode at any time. Already fed up, joins two other mothers stressed to get away from everyday life and conventional responsibilities, in crazy adventures and very funny situations.



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