Tips for creating photos with your smart phone !

Today, many people use their smartphones to take a pictures. You will always have your mobile with you and therefore immediately at hand if you encounter something that will capture you.

With most of today’s mobile phones, you can take quality photos and as technology advances, the quality of the cameras is getting better. Another big advantage is that you can quickly share the photos with family and friends. Due to these reasons, smart phone photography is so popular.

Another advantage of shooting with your smart phone is that you can share the pictures you’ve taken very quickly on social media, email, app, photo sites, etc. However, it’s handy that you know how to use your camera smart phone. In this article you can read several tips. The quality of the camera depends on the mobile phone you have. However, a beautiful picture depends not only on which device you use, but also depends on your knowledge about photography.



Clean your lens

Because you always carry your phone with you and use it for multiple purposes, it’s very possible that the lens is dirty by, for example fingerprints. Do not forget before to take your photos first clean the camera lens.

Best of all, you can clean the lens with a microfiber cloth. If you do not have it, take note of what you are using, because some materials, such as a tissue, may cause scratches on the lens.


Choose your subject

Choose how to capture your chosen subject, taking into account the limitations of your smart phone’s camera. When using your photo, use the third-party rule. When choosing your subject, consider the background. For example, in portrait photography, make sure your subject is displayed so that you do not suffer from a disturbing background. If you want to show a street scene, the background can help you to get a complete picture of the atmosphere and image you want to capture.



It is important to look at the lighting of your subject. Just when taking pictures with your mobile camera, it’s very important that you make sure your subject is well lit. Using indirect sunlight or indirect artificial light can make your picture successful. If the subject is too dark you will get an unclear picture. If there is light behind your subject, your subject will have a dark image on the picture. An important rule when taking pictures  is that you must have the light in your back unless you make a selfie. Outside, you do not always have to keep this rule. Light can then have a certain function in the picture, for example, rays of the sun you see through the trees can add an extra touch to the picture.


White balance

The white balance can now be modified depending on which mobile phone you are using. If you have this option, use it. You can often choose from the options “car”, “daylight”, “cloudy”, “artificial light” and “fluorescent lighting”. The auto option is good, but take some time to adjust the white balance more specifically to the conditions you shoot will improve your photo. Exercise with these various settings and then critically review what it does.



The use of the flash is not always a good option, so turn the flash off by default and apply it if you really need the flash. A picture may seem very unnatural due to the use of a flash. For example, if you take a picture of a person for a white wall, the light of the flash on the white wall will work counterclockwise. However, in the hot sunlight, a flash may be a good option, it may cause hard shadows to be removed for example in portrait photography. If you have the ability to set the ISO value on your smart phone, then it could be an option to adjust this ISO value to a higher number by insufficient light. Please note that you do not put this value too high because it reduces the quality of your photo. 


Disable effects

It is not necessary to use other effects, such as black and white, when taking a picture. Once again, take the photo first, then rate it and decide what effects you want to use in your photo. Afterwards, you can do this very easily with various photo editing software.


Photo in frame

If you want to have a picture in a frame, you can do the best afterwards. Always make the frame without frame and then select the frame so that the composition is not disturbed.


The composition

When taking the photo, take care to see everything you want to lock in the viewer on your screen. You can better take your photo and crop later.


Take multiple photos

Take multiple photos of your subject so you can see later what is the nicest and most beautiful photo for you. Practice a lot and learn the features of your mobile. Try out the different features. Also, make experiment with your mobile and do not overload standard photos. For example, keep your device slanted so that you get another angle in the picture. With a picture it’s always important that you lay down something that you want to keep remembering.


Keep the smart phone stationary while shooting

Due to the long shutter speed and a delay between the moment of the click and the actual recording, the camera of your smart phone is sensitive to movement. Always hold your smart phone with two hands while taking a photo. Make sure you keep your hands quiet while giving your phone the time he takes the picture. If you move too fast, you can get a blurred picture.


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