Best horror movies of all time!

For all lovers of horror movies and thrillers, we make a list of 10 best horror movies of all time. We warn you because these movies about spirits, killers and psychopaths are really scary. Every year, dozens of scary movies appear in the cinema. However, many horror movies are fake and anything but scary.We have compiled this top 10 based on a survey held by horror lovers.


10. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one of America’s most loved horror stories. The film is about a group of friends who make a road trip. However, they are having problems with the car making them in the countryside. The place seems to be abandoned, but nothing is less true. This movie is very bloody and is about a serial killer who raises the group of friends.


9. 1408

1408 is a thriller based on the eponymous book of horror writer Stephen King. The film is about the hotel room 1408 in a chic hotel where many accidents happen. Several people have died in the room in the strangest ways. The hotel manager has decided not to use 1408 anymore. However, the horror writer Mike Enslin wants to write a new book about rumors of Room 1408. He takes over the director to rent the room 1 night so Mike can write his scary story.


8. The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project is one of the single and the cheapest movies ever made. The film was a graduation project of students at the film academy. However, The Blair Witch Project was so credible and scary that the film was a great success. Many other films such as Paranormal Activity are based on this concept.


7. Poltergeist

The Freeling family lives in a quiet suburb and leads a quiet life until it’s ghosting in their home.There are inexplicable things happening and gradually the relatives come behind the presence of the spirits. This scary movie from 1982 was made by Steven Spielberg and scores a 7.4 on IMDB.


6. Ring

 Ring is the Japanese version of the scary movie The Ring. This movie is about a videotape that is cursed. The movie is very dark and the scary Japanese sounds give you continuous chicken skin. Also, Ringu is perfectly built with a blood clotting climax at the end. This scary movie is definitely worth it!


5. The Conjuring

The Conjuring is a scary movie from 2013. The movie is about the Warrens, 2 paranormal researchers investigating inexplicable events. The Conjuring is about one of the most awesome things they’ve ever seen. A family is being harassed by an evil spirit. That always strikes at the same time every night. 


4. Insidious: Chapter 2

Insidious: Chapter 2 is the sequel to Insidious. The film is about a father and son who can connect with spirits and even enter the spirit world. However, there are also malicious spirits.


3. The Exorcist

The Exorcist is an old horror movie from 1973. The movie is about evil spirits who take over the body of a girl. The film is well received by the general public as one of the few horror films. The Exorcist has won 2 Oscars, the story is based on a true case.


2. Ju-On (The Grudge)

 Ju-On being the Japanese version of horror film The Grudge. The film is about a house where a curse rests. Everyone who enters the house is cursed and is chased by 3 evil spirits.


1. The Shining

The Shining is a thriller based on a story by horror writer Stephen King. The Shining is about a family that buys an abandoned hotel and lives here. Gradually, inexplicable things happen at the hotel and the father of the family is becoming stronger. During this movie you are at the tip of your chair. The Shining, like The Exorcist, is one of the few horror movies as well received by the general public. This scary movie gets an 8.5 on IMDB.


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